Little Moses Jones, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Moses, Let’s talk about your new single, ‘City Or Country’, what is the meaning?

City Or Country is a song that gives you great examples of what it’s like in the city and country. Which one do you like? City Or Country?

Which artists in the current industry inspire you the most?

Laura Pausini, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Earth Wind & Fire

Little Moses Jones
Little Moses Jones

What is the best thing about being a musician in 2022?

The best thing about being a musician in 2022 is that we are getting the live music scene back, and the support from the fans!

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g a certain room, or environment? 

There is no certain place I write in, but wherever I write, it must be peaceful with no distractions. I love writing in the mountains!

What is your first memory of music? 

My first memory of music was when I was on stage with my dad at 4 years old dancing to him play the blues and the Joker outfit my dad wore with the little balls on the shoes and face paint. I didn’t know what to think about it, but I knew it was fun:)

Photo Credit: Little Moses Jones.