R n B

B.U.d! Excites With ‘No More’

Words By Max Jordan.

U.S based R’n’B star B.U.d! is flying the flag for top quality soul with his new release ‘No More’.

I first came across this fresh track having being sent it by his promoter, and I have to say, I have found myself hooked ever since. It is infectious with a vocal charm which is challenging to keep at bay. Vocally, B.U.d! sounds delightful with him providing a performance which is massively piercing. He sings with his heart on his jacket, and he takes a no prisoner approach to songwriting with a message which leaves no room for ambiguity.

Musically, ‘No More’ is exciting, and it has a Prince style vibe popping out of it at times. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of unique qualities which makes it stand out truly on its own with a radiance which many will find hard to fault.

You can take a listen to the ‘No More’ below.