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Yulanda Sabrina’s Debut ‘Easier’

Words by Max Jordan.

Yulanda Sabrina is fresh on the scene. She has not been around long but yet is already making traction. Her sound is mesmerising. Vocally, she delights, and her debut track ‘Easier’ is enough for us to want her to stay.

She centres her music around a strong synth and a killer vocal. It works well. Although, I am curious to know if she will keep this structure moving forward. Musically, the track does not disappoint. Although there is nothing huge about it, it works. It is relatively chill and toned down. Perfect for those late evenings relaxing in your garden.

Its has a contemporary R&B vibe but yet it has an underground and raw feel to it too. We hear the freshness in the artists vocal delivery. It is her first track, and we can tell. It is almost like when you smell the fresh paint on a newly decorated room. The confidence which Yulanda Sabrina has is on full display too. Yulanda has a gift, and she uses it to its full potential, and why not? I would also if I could sing as she does.

So a little about the artist. She comes from a background of making YouTube videos. Her channel is hugely popular, and her music is probably going to follow a similar trend. Her musical ability is evident. But, we are questioning why she has taken so long to get her music out there? Maybe perfection is what the singer was looking for before leaping into the music world. If perfection is her goal, then she has just hit it here with ‘Easier’. I have to say; it is one of favourite R&B and soul tracks of recent times. See if you agree by listening to her debut single ‘Easier’ below.