Lucas Rizzo Gives Us ‘Hell Of A Heaven’

Words by Max Jordan.

‘Hell Of A Heaven’ is the latest and most reputable track I have come across today on new music Friday. It is everything which an electronic pop song should be. I like the depth within the release, and the blend between soft and dark pop harmonise each other effortlessly.

The beat could shake even the sternest of listeners. The melody, although dark in delivery puts out heaps amount of inspiration and the vocals are quality driven. I could not help but feel an ultramodern feel here. It is not something anyone who has never done before, but it is not what you would expect from this genre. I like that. As a result, I enjoy the rawness of the direction and the vulnerability it brings.

Structurally the song works wonders, and it leads us on an adventure from the very beginning. It is almost like an emotional rollercoaster with the theme one minute being hot and then cold. It is relatively clear to notice that the singer comes from a background of producing and also working in the music business. He has that professionalism which you do not usually witness with new artists who are breaking out onto the scene. Also, the experience he has picked up along the way so far is making his music even more powerful with each release he drops.

But, we will have to hear more of this artist in the coming months to see if he is sticking to this direction of music. I think he should because it not only wins my vote but also the votes of his social media following which is blossoming nicely since ‘Hell Of A Heavens’ release day.

You can listen to the new single below.