Kenton Place, ‘Done With You’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kenton Place’s latest release, the new version of their hit song ‘Done With You’, showcases their raw and powerful talent for hard-hitting rock music. With soaring guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals, this track is sure to please fans who have been eagerly anticipating the band’s latest offering. The new rendition takes the original song to a new level, adding even more intensity and energy to an already explosive track.

Fans of Kenton Place will not be disappointed with the band’s latest release, which is available to stream on their ‘Terminal (Deluxe Edition)’ album. The song’s passionate and energetic delivery is sure to get fans headbanging and singing along, and the band’s signature sound is on full display in this new version.

You can listen below.

Photo Credit: Kenton Place.