Danny Smart Delivers ‘She’s Mine’

Words by Louise Sako.

Country music is flowing from Danny Smart’s veins. He drops country hits effortlessly, and each one he brings us appears to captivate us even more.

I am an addict when it comes to new music and fresh as you like Danny’s track is pleasing me. He is a singer who takes on a whole new level of originality. His style is unique with a distinct flavour. Not a sound you often hear from an artist hailing from sunny Barnsley.

‘She’s Mine’ has a strange kind of influence on me. They are influences of country rock, but I am also hearing a nostalgic vibe going on too. Lyrically, it is similar to the rock bands of the great 60s, and he echoes his lyrical tongue with quality here. The music is also a bold statement. He is not shy to throw on his guitar and deliver some of the finest bends we have heard in recent time. The guitar is a dedicated stand out to me; I love the sound which he has got going on. It is energetic and leaves me itching to hear more.

I have always relished guitar music. I first got into it when I heard a Jimi Hendrix album. There is no kind of similarity here with Hendrix, but his guitar skills are mesmerising. Also, the rhythm section behind the track makes for a great listen. If like me, you will find it hard not to tap your foot. So, where does he go from here? I think if the music keeps as good as this, then he is going to break it easily on the country scene. But, the industry is more open than it has been before; therefore, who knows we could be seeing him climb the charts as he progresses. Top job Danny, please do keep them flowing.

You can listen to ‘She’s Mine’ below.