Hank Quillen, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Hank, Let’s talk about your new single, ‘Treading Water’, what is the meaning?

Treading Water came about from the feeling I hope most people can relate to at sometimes being overwhelmed with things that might be going on in one’s own life. Whether that be personal(relationship, career, finances, and such) or what’s going on all around us as we watch the news. Pandemic and all the struggles we as a global community have had to deal with to get past it.

Which artists in the current industry inspire you the most?

Chris Stapleton, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan(he’s still going strong)

Hank Quillen
Hank Quillen

What is the best thing about being a musician in 2022?

So many opportunities for independent artists in this day and age. Great time to be creative and have options to get that work out into the world.

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g a certain room, or environment? 

Not particularly, I’m constantly writing whenever the moment hits no matter where I’m at. I do have a music room I like to rewrite and refine to finish songs up.

What is your first memory of music? 

Listening to KISS, having pictures of them in their makeup on my walls, drove my parents crazy. Also Eric Clapton’s song Promises, remembering making my older sister play that over and over on her turntable.

Photo Credit: Hank Quillen.