Danny Smart Delivers ‘She’s Mine’

Words by Louise Sako.

Country music is flowing from Danny Smart’s veins. He drops country hits effortlessly, and each one he brings us appears to captivate us even more.

I am an addict when it comes to new music and fresh as you like Danny’s track is pleasing me. He is a singer who takes on a whole new level of originality. His style is unique with a distinct flavour. Not a sound you often hear from an artist hailing from sunny Barnsley.

‘She’s Mine’ has a strange kind of influence on me. They are influences of country rock, but I am also hearing a nostalgic vibe going on too. Lyrically, it is similar to the rock bands of the great 60s, and he echoes his lyrical tongue with quality here. The music is also a bold statement. He is not shy to throw on his guitar and deliver some of the finest bends we have heard in recent time. The guitar is a dedicated stand out to me; I love the sound which he has got going on. It is energetic and leaves me itching to hear more.

I have always relished guitar music. I first got into it when I heard a Jimi Hendrix album. There is no kind of similarity here with Hendrix, but his guitar skills are mesmerising. Also, the rhythm section behind the track makes for a great listen. If like me, you will find it hard not to tap your foot. So, where does he go from here? I think if the music keeps as good as this, then he is going to break it easily on the country scene. But, the industry is more open than it has been before; therefore, who knows we could be seeing him climb the charts as he progresses. Top job Danny, please do keep them flowing.

You can listen to ‘She’s Mine’ below.

JOSHUi Grips Us With ‘Ends’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

JOSHUi is a legend in his own right. He is a Hip Hop gem which many are starting to notice. Why? Because he has a quality which speaks for the masses. Also, his musical ability is going from strength to strength with each release gripping us into his brand even more.

I am relishing his new release ‘Ends’. It is a style of music which I do not usually review, but I knew I had to once I tuned into it. I like how he is speaking his story, and he puts it cleverly into a smash hit. It is almost like a short film with his lyrical tongue, taking us on an unforgettable journey. He speaks about his community. There is no end for JOSHUi, even if it appears there is.

His music shouts volume. It starts with a siren ringing out before a strong instrumental and sublime rap from the London based artist. He boasts a sound which we hear quite a lot now coming from the underground grime scene. But, he is not shadowing anyone. It is what sticks out to me the most. He is unique with his delivery, and although there are influences from the greats, it is still fresher than a bag of apples.

Say what you like about Grime. But one thing we all cannot dispute is its massive rise over the last few years. We could hail thanks to the likes of Stormzy and Skepta for making it more commercial and better known. But, artists like JOSHUi are also leading the path and taking us into a new realm of this exciting space. Therefore, if I were you, I would grab this one while it is hot. You can listen to ‘Ends’ by JOSHUI below.

Abel Razal Releases ‘Project 9’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

Abel Razal smashes it with his new release ‘Project 9’. What a genuinely majestic track this one is. I love how he has taken a Prince vibe but yet crafted something very unique of its own.

He has teamed up with M.A. Teweun on this piece, and she lends an unforgettable vocal performance. It is a pop gem, but yet there is plenty of flavour for everybody. I can hear a rock edge, but there is also a funk feel going on too, which makes it distinct from the get-go.

It starts with a smooth intro lead with a divine solo vocal performance offering lots of octave coverage. It has a gospel theme at the start. However, this does not follow into the rest of the track, proving that it has lots of variances. Abel also joins M.A Teuwen on the mic after a few bars, and he offers his backing vocal in a style we hear in Prince’s discography. I like that, not many people do that. It is a catchy track, and great for listening to in the red hot sun, we are getting at the moment.

The chorus is pretty out there. It’s bold with an infectious melody and a backbeat sitting behind it, adding even more groove to the already funky record. I could not help but notice an 80s influence too along the way. But yet there is plenty of contemporary screaming out too. Musically, it is structured well, and there is nothing which makes me get tired of it. There is a kind of Pharrel feel within the instrumental sections too.

Overall, I am on board with ‘Project 9’. Also, it is great to see an artist following in the direction of some of the greats. I will be keeping this on repeat for some time.

You can listen to ‘Project 9’ below.

Hayden Brenen Drops Fresh Music

Words by Louise Sako.

Summer is well and truly underway. It is not the smell of B.B.Q.s and stale lager coming from gardens which are reminding us though. It is the new track from Hayden Brenen.

His new release ‘Mi Carino’ has all the feel-good qualities we need as we head out of the lockdown phase. It has heaps amount of likeability, and with a strong and infectous melody, it is hard not to get right behind it. The British singer has teamed up with L.D.N. on this piece, and as a pair, they work tremendously well.

It is a Latin themed song. We hear the singer delve between his English and Spanish tongue which is strikingly poignant in its own right. I like how he has blended a Mediterranean feel with a contemporary pop vibe because it shows his ability to vary his sound. Also, the rap which we hear from l.D.N is awe-inspiring, adding a more underground and hip hop theme to the release.

Ask me who Hayden Brenen was a few weeks ago and I would not have been able to tell you. But, I am now seeing him everywhere. Why? Because music lovers globally, including ourselves, are realising how much talent the chap possesses. Also, it fills a niche, which we all need. Latin pop has been rising over the years, but it keeps getting better and better, and this track is leading the way for 2020 pop gems.

Does it sound like anything else I have heard? Yes, it is not exactly 100% unique in its delivery, and we do hear a Luis Fonsi influence peeking out of the track in various sections. But, its tone is in a realm of its own, and the characteristics the pair bring shine clear as day. You can listen to ‘Mi Carino below’.

Le Fil Gets The Party Started

Words by Louise Sako.

Le Fil is a name you should keep high on your pop radar. His new release ‘Undercover Lover’ is taking off like wildfire and it is relatively clear to see why.

He is straight from a tour with Mel C, impressive right? Yeah, but his new track is even more exciting. It speaks volumes to the masses. There is a definite LGBT vibe here, but yet it does not stay fixed in one place. It has just about something for everybody hence why it is becoming such a favourite record so soon after its new music Friday release.

The vocals stand out to me more than anything. I like how Le Fil has put his heart on his sleeve and performed something which is leaking with emotion. He speaks about a lover who he keeps behind closed doors. His message is delivered transparently, and I got into his story instantly from the get-go.

Besides the vocals, the music is also flying high in originality and quality. It is bold and thumps its way through the mix. It gets you into the party mood, and I could not help but bop my head with its delicious melody and fast drum beat. Also, be warned that the chorus will stay in your head for a long time after you listen. I often find myself humming away to it while driving around, and it even greets me in the mornings when I wake up. He gets into your head. Therefore he proves he is a name we will not forget. Also, it appears this isn’t a fad either because his hype train keeps getting longer and longer. You can listen to his new release ‘Undercover Lover’ below. Also, play it loud, and it will take you to a dance floor within seconds.

Home State Return With ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

Home State are fresh off the back of their latest release ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’. It is an electro blend of pop which is anthemic with its infectious delivery.

Vocally, the band are truly on point. It is the highlight within the release which grabbed me from the get-go. It has a rocky edge within the vocals, but yet it is hard to put this into a rock category which the band claim to be. Although to be fair to them, this is a new direction and very different from their other releases.

The chorus is a belter. It is flooding with a unique flavour which I could not help but get right behind. The music the band is putting on display deserves a lot of credit too. They have a lot of experience, and this is shining out of this release. But, I would love to hear a bit more rock in places. They are moving into the pop realms with an electrofusion. But, they are possibly heading very far away from their routes of being a rock outfit. Nevertheless, it works and is opening up its fan target massively. Therefore I cannot blame them too much for the new direction.

The track is around the average length for a radio edit. Any longer, and it could become repetitive; therefore, I agree with the group’s decision to keep it shortish but sweet. Lyrically, we hear them express themselves clearly. There is a considerable emphasis on the hot and cold emotional nature, and it resonates well with anyone who has encountered such a person. Overall, it is well worth a listen. Even, if you are a rock enthusiast, ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ could quite easily convert you. Also, there is plenty for everybody.

You can listen to ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ by Home State below.