Abel Razal Releases ‘Project 9’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

Abel Razal smashes it with his new release ‘Project 9’. What a genuinely majestic track this one is. I love how he has taken a Prince vibe but yet crafted something very unique of its own.

He has teamed up with M.A. Teweun on this piece, and she lends an unforgettable vocal performance. It is a pop gem, but yet there is plenty of flavour for everybody. I can hear a rock edge, but there is also a funk feel going on too, which makes it distinct from the get-go.

It starts with a smooth intro lead with a divine solo vocal performance offering lots of octave coverage. It has a gospel theme at the start. However, this does not follow into the rest of the track, proving that it has lots of variances. Abel also joins M.A Teuwen on the mic after a few bars, and he offers his backing vocal in a style we hear in Prince’s discography. I like that, not many people do that. It is a catchy track, and great for listening to in the red hot sun, we are getting at the moment.

The chorus is pretty out there. It’s bold with an infectious melody and a backbeat sitting behind it, adding even more groove to the already funky record. I could not help but notice an 80s influence too along the way. But yet there is plenty of contemporary screaming out too. Musically, it is structured well, and there is nothing which makes me get tired of it. There is a kind of Pharrel feel within the instrumental sections too.

Overall, I am on board with ‘Project 9’. Also, it is great to see an artist following in the direction of some of the greats. I will be keeping this on repeat for some time.

You can listen to ‘Project 9’ below.