Hayden Brenen Drops Fresh Music

Words by Louise Sako.

Summer is well and truly underway. It is not the smell of B.B.Q.s and stale lager coming from gardens which are reminding us though. It is the new track from Hayden Brenen.

His new release ‘Mi Carino’ has all the feel-good qualities we need as we head out of the lockdown phase. It has heaps amount of likeability, and with a strong and infectous melody, it is hard not to get right behind it. The British singer has teamed up with L.D.N. on this piece, and as a pair, they work tremendously well.

It is a Latin themed song. We hear the singer delve between his English and Spanish tongue which is strikingly poignant in its own right. I like how he has blended a Mediterranean feel with a contemporary pop vibe because it shows his ability to vary his sound. Also, the rap which we hear from l.D.N is awe-inspiring, adding a more underground and hip hop theme to the release.

Ask me who Hayden Brenen was a few weeks ago and I would not have been able to tell you. But, I am now seeing him everywhere. Why? Because music lovers globally, including ourselves, are realising how much talent the chap possesses. Also, it fills a niche, which we all need. Latin pop has been rising over the years, but it keeps getting better and better, and this track is leading the way for 2020 pop gems.

Does it sound like anything else I have heard? Yes, it is not exactly 100% unique in its delivery, and we do hear a Luis Fonsi influence peeking out of the track in various sections. But, its tone is in a realm of its own, and the characteristics the pair bring shine clear as day. You can listen to ‘Mi Carino below’.