Le Fil Gets The Party Started

Words by Louise Sako.

Le Fil is a name you should keep high on your pop radar. His new release ‘Undercover Lover’ is taking off like wildfire and it is relatively clear to see why.

He is straight from a tour with Mel C, impressive right? Yeah, but his new track is even more exciting. It speaks volumes to the masses. There is a definite LGBT vibe here, but yet it does not stay fixed in one place. It has just about something for everybody hence why it is becoming such a favourite record so soon after its new music Friday release.

The vocals stand out to me more than anything. I like how Le Fil has put his heart on his sleeve and performed something which is leaking with emotion. He speaks about a lover who he keeps behind closed doors. His message is delivered transparently, and I got into his story instantly from the get-go.

Besides the vocals, the music is also flying high in originality and quality. It is bold and thumps its way through the mix. It gets you into the party mood, and I could not help but bop my head with its delicious melody and fast drum beat. Also, be warned that the chorus will stay in your head for a long time after you listen. I often find myself humming away to it while driving around, and it even greets me in the mornings when I wake up. He gets into your head. Therefore he proves he is a name we will not forget. Also, it appears this isn’t a fad either because his hype train keeps getting longer and longer. You can listen to his new release ‘Undercover Lover’ below. Also, play it loud, and it will take you to a dance floor within seconds.